Coaches for Change Movement

CFCM was founded in June 2020 and launched at the State Capital in downtown Atlanta, Georgia at the Liberty Plaza directly across the street from Martin Luther King Jr. statue on the State Capital grounds on 1 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive.

CFCM had a unified rally with current & former coaches on “ALL” levels & student-athletes on “ALL” levels during these unprecedented times and turbulent society dealing with both Covid-19 Pandemic and racism in all it’s forms.

“Coaches for Change Movement” has a powerful team and panel of experts with many of the top civil rights attorneys, activists, and African-American historians in the country handling the George Floyd, Rayshard Brooks, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylors cases, and many more that will help your schools’ athletic & sports programs, student-athletes, coaching & supports staff address “Systemic Racism, Social & Economic Injustice, Police Brutality, and Voter Suppression”.

It’s very important that ALL of us…current and former coaches, current and former athletes on ALL levels continue using our voices and platforms to be a part of the solution, and “NOT BE” silent.

CFCM will remain vigilant in our fight for justice and have a united front addressing social injustice across the country.

The time is “NOW” for all of our voices to be heard, very loud and clear…